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  • How we’re creating “super plants” to help humanity

    From fire-proof forests to famine-stopping ‘bananas on steroids’, scientists are juicing up nature’s bounty to solve the 21st Century’s problems.

    You eat them, you wear them, you put them in vases and gawk at them appreciatively  – but are you really […]

  • Coding offers key to future tech skills

    Technology is fast changing the world we live in, so it is essential for schools to introduce young students to the skills and concepts they will need to succeed in the years ahead.
    “Research shows that many of today’s youngsters will […]

  • The tech that will power the 22nd century

    Humanity is entering a period of hyper adoption of new technology

    Main image: The 22nd century will be about much more than flying cars. Credit: Airbus

    If predicting the future is dumb, then predicting advances in technology is even dumber. Challenges will […]