Speaking positions include:

-Keynote presentation,
-Panel slot,
-Workshop host…

SubmIt SpeakIng Proposal

Sessions to include:

-Policy, Regulation & Infrastructure
-Industry Vertical Workshops
-The Manufacturing Revolution
-Reimagining Future Cities
-Transportation and Mobility
-Energy & Utilities
-Supply Chain, Shipment and Fleet Management
-Banking and Finance

Key Topics

Session 1 9-11am

A Roadmap to IoT Deployment in EurAsia

• Are People, Enterprises and Industry ready?
• Which sectors are set to benefit most from IoT?
• Where is investment heading? Who is driving innovation?

Session 2 11-1pm

Examining the Building Blocks of IoT Platforms

• How to create a seamless, reliable network for IoT?
• A Comparison: 5G, WIFI, LoraWan, NB IoT …
• Which platform works best for IoT deployment?

Session 3 1-3pm

Security, Data and AI

• How to provide end-to-end security through the cloud, network and device?
• How to successfully collect, visualise &gain insights from data.
• What’s next with Machine Learning and AI?

Session 4 3-5pm

Case Study Showcase: Parallel Roundtable Discussion Workshops

Automotive: enhancing the way we live, travel and interact

Manufacturing: building smart factories to transform manufacturing

Enterprise: tansforming the entire value chain with connected and intelligent technologies

Retail: from supply chain to enhancing consumer experiences

Supply Chain: revolutionising supply chain & logistics to enable more effective tracking; improve efficiencies and prevent failures

Energy, Oil and Gas: from smart metering in homes to smart grids, how can the energy and utility sector benefit?

Cities: improving the life of citizens

Banking & Insurance: data, apps & real-time analytics