With the opportunity from the Internet of Things now realised, enterprises, industry and governments are all looking to capitalise on the latest in connected technology.

The inaugural IoT Eurasia 2018 will bring those at the forefront of this global phenomenon to Istanbul to uncover the IoT potential across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The focus being case studies from global leaders who can share their lessons learnt with the ambitious emerging markets of the region.

Key Topics

Session 1: 9-11am
-A Roadmap to IoT Deployment in EurAsia
Session 2: 11-1pm
-Examining the Building Blocks of IoT Platforms
Session 3 1-3pm
-Security, Data and AI
Session 4 3-5pm Case Study Showcase:
-Parallel Roundtable Discussion Workshops

Automotive: enhancing the way we live, travel and interact
Manufacturing: building smart factories to transform manufacturing
Enterprise: transforming the entire value chain with connected and intelligent technologies
Retail: from supply chain to enhancing consumer experiences
Supply Chain: revolutionising supply chain & logistics to enable more effective tracking; improve efficiencies and prevent failures
Energy, Oil and Gas: from smart metering in homes to smart grids, how can the energy and utility sector benefit?
Cities: improving the life of citizens
Banking & Insurance: data, apps & real-time analytics

Why Now?

– Dubbed as the “New Silk Road”, Eurasia as a region provides a wealth of opportunity with industries such as manufacturing, transportation and energy at the forefront and now IoT is at the tipping point to take this growth to the next level.
– The arrival of the Internet of Things not only has the potential to accelerate this growth through driving efficiencies, reducing costs and exposing new revenue opportunities, but also to become an industry in itself with traditional telecom providers moving into this space as more and more of our world becomes intelligent.

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